Fishing Micro Fiber Cloth Maps

Madison River Fishing Map Micro Fiber ClothFishing Micro Fiber Cloth Maps created by fishermen for Fishermen.  Map the Xperience working with industry experts has created the finest digital GPS accurate fishing maps of rivers in the U.S.

Loaded with information, our digital GPS fishing maps feature spectacular 3D hillshade topography, public fishing access areas, public/private land designation, parking areas not found on any other maps, float put ins and takeouts, campgrounds, insect hatch charts and more.  What really makes our fishing maps special is they can be downloaded and used on your mobile device in a free PDF Map App from Avenza Systems.

You can download the digital GPS Mobile Map for free when you purchase one of these awesome micro fiber cloths!

Fishing Micro Fiber Cloth Maps are the world’s finest micro fiber cloth made from our proprietary X-Fiber. Our Handy Maps as they have come to be know by are soft as silk yet durable enough to last a life time. Use your Fishing Micro Fiber Cloth to clean sunglasses, eyeglasses, cell phones, tablets, computer screens, glass, camera lenses, binocular lenses and more. Handy Maps will never leave a scratch, can be machine washed and hung dry.

Our X Fiber is 1/100th the diameter of a human hair. This ultra small cloth diameter allows the Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloth to attract dust and dirt like a magnet. Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloths will hold seven times their weight in water and work great soaked in cold water and worn around the neck to keep yourself cool in hot weather.

Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloths are absolutely the most versatile micro fiber cloth ever created. Use your Handy Map to keep your dry flies dry, wear it around your neck to keep the sun off, soak it water to keep yourself cool, clean your polarized glasses while out on the water.

We guarantee your Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloth for life with proper care.

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Showing all 11 results