Blue River Silverthorne Fishing Map

Blue River Fishing Map – Silverthorne Colorado


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Blue River Fishing Map – Silverthorne Colorado – FREE

Download this superb Blue River Fishing Map of the Blue River located in central Colorado.

Maps created by Map the Xperience, a leader in digital GIS mapping.

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Using knowledge for local fishing guides and experts who have lived and fished the Blue River for over 30 years, Map the Xperience created this Blue River Digital GPS Fishing Map detailing the world famous tailwater section of the Blue River in Silverthorne, Colorado. This is a Gold Medal Water Catch and Release Section that runs through the Town of Silverthorne.

The Lower Blue River begins at the base of the Dillon Dam where it begins its three mile run through the Town of Silverthorne. The first section begins just north of the dam and continues north to the I-70 overpass. This section of Blue River is characterized by riffles, pools, and run-outs. A National Forest Foundation grant helped the Town create these structures and also narrow the channel to improve fish habitat.

Section Two runs from I-70 through the Outlet stores to Hwy. 9. This section includes several waterfalls with pools beneath. If you like fishing with spectators watching you reel in the big one, this stretch of river is for you. Although Section Three is in the heart of Silverthorne, it has a much more secluded feel to it. Lined with trees, this section continues from Hwy. 9 past the Silverthorne Pavilion and up to Silverthorne’s Town Hall. The Town received grant money through the Fishing is Fun program to make improvements through this section. This section of the Blue has it all—waterfalls with pools, strategically placed boulders, and some J-hook structures. Public access ends on the west side of the river just north of the Forest Service building. Public access continues on the east side of the river, and can be accessed from the paved recreation path. Once the path turns to dirt it is private property with no public fishing access.

Section Four is primarily private water. Please respect private property and enjoy the highlighted public access areas throughout Silverthorne.

Section Five is the water adjacent to Silverthorne’s Willow Grove Open Space. This area can be accessed via Mesa Dr. Parking and restrooms are available at this location.

Section Six is primarily private water. Please respect private property and enjoy the highlighted public access areas throughout Silverthorne.

Section Seven was upgraded in 2007 using money from a Fishing is Fun grant. Several riffles, ponds, and run-outs were created to improve fish habitat. This section begins just north of the Blue River Run neighborhood and continues approximately 500 yards past the Ponds Neighborhood.

Blue River Fishing Map Features:

  • Public land is highlighted green
  • Private Land is highlighted red
  • This map contains all public fishing access areas
  • Rapids, rapid classifications
  • Campgrounds
  • Boat put in locations
  • Parking areas found on no other maps.

Also included are guide services, fly fishing retailer locations, insect hatch chart and fishing regulations.