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South Platte River Fishing Map – Colorado

South Platte River Fishing Map – Colorado

This South Platte River Fishing Map covers the South Platte River in central Colorado from Fairplay, Colorado to Platte Canyon Reservoir. This is the finest fishing map ever created for the South Platte River and is digital and GPS Accurate. The waterproof paper map is 15×11″ when unfolded, 3×6″ when folded, the perfect size to carry in your fishing vest pocket.  You can download and use this digital gps map in your mobile device in the free PDF Map App from Avenza Systems.  Once downloaded on your mobile device and in the maps extent a Blue GPS dot will appear marking your location.  You can now track yourself on the map without the need for either cell phone or internet coverage.

South Platte River (Colorado)The South Platte River is one of the two principal tributaries of the Platte River and is itself a major river of the American Midwest and the American Southwest/Mountain West, located in the U.S. states of Colorado and Nebraska. Its drainage basin includes much of the eastern flank of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado; much of the populated region known as the Colorado Front Range and Eastern Plains; and a portion of southeastern Wyoming in the vicinity of the city of Cheyenne. It joins the North Platte River in western Nebraska to form the Platte, which then flows across Nebraska to the Missouri. The river serves as the principal source of water for eastern Colorado. In its valley along the foothills in Colorado, it has permitted agriculture in an area of the Colorado Piedmont and Great Plains that is otherwise arid. The river is formed in Park County, Colorado, southwest of Denver in the South Park grassland basin by the confluence of the South Fork and Middle Fork, approximately 15 miles (24 km) southeast of Fairplay. Both forks rise along the eastern flank of the Mosquito Range, on the western side of South Park, which is drained by the tributaries at the headwaters of the river. From South Park, it passes through 50 miles (80 km) of the Platte Canyon and its lower section, Waterton Canyon. Here, it is joined by the North Fork before emerging from the foothills southwest of the Denver suburb of Littleton. At Littleton, the river is impounded to form Chatfield Reservoir, a major source of drinking water for the Denver Metropolitan Area.

South Platte River Fishing Information

The South Platte River is predominately a Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout fishery. The South Platte River can be broken down into primarily two sections, the Upper Basin which includes it’s headwaters at Alma, Colorado to Eleven Mile Reservoir, Colorado the Lower Basin below Eleven Mile Reservoir, Colorado to Platte Canyon Reservoir, Colorado including Eleven Mile Canyon and Cheesman.

South Platte River (Colorado) Fishing Map

Map the Xperience has two digital gps mobile maps of the South Platte River. The upper South Platte River fishing map starts in Alma, Colorado and covers the river through Elevenmile Reservoir, Colorado including Spinney Mountain Reservoir and the world famous Dream Stream.  The lower South Platte River fishing map begins below Eleven Mile Reservoir, Colorado and ends at Platte Canyon Reservoir and includes Elevenmile Canyon and Cheesman Canyon.

Our digital GPS Mobile Fishing Maps are the finest and most informative maps ever created for fishing the South Platte River.  These digital GPS accurate mobile fishing maps can be purchased, downloaded and used in the free PDF Map App from Avenza Systems.  The Avenza PDF Map App is a powerful GEO Spatial PDF Reader that allows the user to interact with GPS spatially accurate maps on their mobile devices. Once the Avenza PDF Map App is installed and maps are downloaded into the app, the user will see a Blue GPS Dot appear on the map when in the maps extent.  One can now follow the Blue GPS Dot to their desired location on the map.  Because the Avenza PDF Map App utilizes the internal GPS on one’s mobile phone, maps work without cell phone or internet coverage which is awesome when outdoors in areas where coverage is limited.  Another awesome feature within the app is the ability for one to drop place marks on selected locations, give those place marks descriptions and then take a photo of the location and GEO Tag that photo to the marked spot.  This is especially great for fishermen as you can mark your favorite locations, add information like water temperature, water clarity, insect hatches, flies used and more.  If you catch a nice fish you can take a photo, add it to the location, and then email or text it to friends.

South Platte River Fishing Map Features:

  • Spectacular 3D Hillshade Topography
  • Private/Public land designation (Green Public) (Red Private)
  • Parking locations found on no other maps
  • Fishermen access areas, locations, State Wildlife Areas, Open Space, BLM, Forest Service and more.
  • Boat launches and takeouts
  • Campgrounds
  • River miles
  • Float mileages
  • Insect Hatch Charts
  • Local area flyshop locations

Digital GPS Mobile Fishing Maps can be purchased and downloaded into the free Avenza PDF Map App for $2.99 each, or can be purchased in map bundles which include two maps for $4.99  You save 20% when you purchase the digital maps in a bundle.

South Platte River Fishing Report and Stream Flows

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