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Bugs stand no chance

So, if you drive at all in the evening or at night in the Spring, Summer and Fall, you no doubt know how bad bugs can be on your car.  From splattered windshields to bug covered front ends and bumpers, these nasty critters can be a real hassle to clean off.

Well, not anymore.  Use two of our 22x22" Handy Microfiber Cloth Utility Cloths.  Fill up a pail with hot water. Add some dish detergent.  Soak one of your Handy Microfiber Cloths in the pail and wring out slightly.  Now use a little bit of elbow grease and watch those bugs melt off your car.

Use your second Handy Microfiber Cloth to dry.

Enjoy.  These cloths will last forever with proper care.  Machine wash, hang dry.

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