Mobile Map Advertising

Map the Xperience is an innovative digital cartographic and GIS company specializing in creating superb and highly detailed maps for the outdoor industry including fishing, hunting, backpacking, mountaineering, kayaking, rafting, skiing, and mountain biking. Working with industry experts in a given outdoor pursuit, we assimilate their knowledge and expertise and combine it with GIS data to create maps unlike any other. Our maps are designed by award-winning, expert cartographers, rich in detail and beautifully executed. What makes Map the Xperience unique is our locally gathered information. As avid outdoors people ourselves, we understand the small details that make each experience more enjoyable. 

Map the Xperience has partnered with Avenza Systems, Inc. Avenza recognized the demand for offline mobile maps and created the Avenza Maps platform (formerly known as PDF Maps) for professionals, consumers, and map publishers. The Avenza Map Store opened up a new channel for map publishers around the world to sell their maps directly to consumers on their smartphones and tablets. Today, the Avenza Maps platform has garnered more than 2.5 million app downloads and more than 3.3 million map downloads. 

Advertising on outdoor recreation mobile maps is an awesome medium to communicate your marketing/advertising message to the 2.5 million Avenza PDF Map App Users.  Our outdoor recreation mobile maps have over 26,000 downloads the last 3 years.

You can select a business card sized ad on any of our mobile outdoor recreation maps.  Advertisements can be purchase on one map, multiple maps and map bundles.  We give you several options for selecting maps to advertise on.  In addition, your ad will also be included on the web map resulting in double the advertising exposure.