Vail Valley & Eagle Valley Outdoor Recreation Pad Map

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Map the Xperience has developed the most comprehensive and detailed map ever created for outdoor recreation in the Eagle/Vail Valley. This map includes most of the hiking and biking trails within Eagle County along with all the public fishing access sites on the Eagle River. This is an awesome map for hikers, bikers, boaters, fishermen and anyone looking to enjoy outdoor activities within Eagle County.


The paper pad map is 11" x 24.5", printed with a condensed overview version of the map on the front with 10 business card advertisements along with another 30 business card sized advertisement boxes on the back.

                               11" x 24.5" Paper Pad Map (Overview)
Vail Valley/Eagle Valley Outdoor Recreation Map
The map itself covers almost the entirety of Eagle County including the Holy Cross Wilderness. Included are most hiking and biking trails within the county along with the most detailed map ever created for public access along the Eagle River. The paper map comes 50 sheets per pad. Maps can be torn off and given to the public. Each paper map includes instructions how to download and install the free Avenza PDF Map along with a QR code for the individual to scan the mobile map into the app on smartphones.

The mobile map is 4 times the size of the paper map with intricate detail for the individual to navigate the great outdoors in Eagle County.

            Digital GPS Mobile Map and Web Map - Click map to enlarge

Map the Xperience feels this mobile map will be an outstanding tool for multiple applications including:

•Backcountry and wilderness navigation. Never get lost.
•Navigating the counties extensive biking and hiking trail systems
•Assisting with navigation to and from trail heads
•Locating public access locations along the Eagle River for fishermen and boaters.
•Staying on public lands and off private lands
•Assisting emergency services and rescue personnel with locating injured or lost people.


  • 500 pads will be printed in total on the first run, 50 sheets per pad, 25,000 paper maps in total
  • Distribution - Tourism information booths, town and county governments, hotels, convenience stores, liquor stores, outdoor stores, fly fishing shops, bike shops along with any other business that caters to tourists.

40 Business Card Size Ad Spots on the paper map, mobile map and web map. Your advertisement will be on all three maps.  


$500 Annually - Business Card Ad on the paper pad map, digital GPS mobile map and web map (20 of these ads available)

  • Avenza PDF Map Users = 2.5 million and growing at 35% per year
  • Digital Mobile Map Downloads growing at 35% per year
  • Web map will be distributed for use by all advertising partners in addition to hotels, county governments, 1st responders, outdoor specialty stores and any business that caters to outdoor recreation. All advertisers will have a hotlink on the web map to their respective websites.
  • Advertisers should include some type of discount or special deal to track ROI (i.e. mention this ad for 10% off)
  • Everyone who advertises will have their location on mobile map.
  • A QR code for each advertiser will be included with their ads which will allow the end user to scan for an in person coupon redemption in addition to tracking an advertisers ROI .

With 25,000 paper maps distributed throughout Eagle County the potential reach for advertisers is enormous, not to mention, those individuals that download the mobile map will more then likely have it on their smartphone forever.

Daniel Bryant - Sales/Operations 888-306-9580 or 970-376-7605
Bill Perry - Sales/Operations 970-376-4653

Vail Valley & Eagle Valley Digital Mobile Outdoor Recreation Map in Colorado


We use the Avenza PDF Maps App to display our maps on your smartphone because Avenza Systems Inc has been the premiere GIS and cartographic software developer for decades. Other notable companies such as National Geographic, Dept. of Forestry, US Army Cops of Engineers, New York Times and Time Magazine use their app. To date, Map the Xperience has over 25,000 map downloads using the Avenza app.

You can also visit our Map the Xperience digital products on the Avenza site

To download this Vail Valley/Eagle Valley Outdoor Recreation Map to your smartphone, first search Avenza PDF Map App in either your Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  Then open app, register the app, maps tab, + sign and QR Code Reader Icon.  Scan Code. Enjoy this map.