Handy Map Microfiber Cloths



We are an innovative digital cartographic and GIS company specializing in creating superb and highly detailed digital GPS maps for the outdoor industry including fishing, hunting, backpacking, mountaineering, kayaking, rafting, running, and mountain biking. Working with industry experts in a given outdoor pursuit, we assimilate their knowledge and expertise and combine it with GIS data to create products unlike any other.  

Our digital GPS Maps our offered as downloads and used in the Avenza PDF App and also on our one of kind proprietary handy micro fiber cloth maps.

Handy Maps are the worlds finest printed on our proprietary micro fiber cloth which is super soft, feels like silk, yet is tough enough to clean literally anything wet or dry.

No matter what your outdoor pursuit, Handy Maps can be worn around your neck as a bandana or stuffed into your pocket for easy carry.  Use your Handy Map to clean sunglasses, eyeglasses, ski goggles, cell phones, tablets, binocular lenses, camera lenses, computer screens, glass of any kind and more.

Use your Handy Map to wipe sweat off your head and face or soak it in water and wear it to keep yourself cool.  

Whats really awesome is your Handy Map will dry itself out in no time, will not fade, is waterproof and guess what, its a digital, gps, scale-able map that can also be downloaded and used in your mobile device.

Now that's one Handy Map!!



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Showing 1–12 of 128 results