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Handy Map – World’s Finest Micro Fiber Cloth

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Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloths are the world's finest micro fiber cloth made from our proprietary X-Fiber. Handy Maps are soft as silk yet durable enough to last a life time. Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloths will literally clean anything wet or dry including sunglasses, eyeglasses, cell phones, tablets, computer screens, glass, camera lenses, binocular lenses and more. Handy Maps will never leave a scratch, can be machine washed and hung dry.

An amazing 18.5" x 18.5" your Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloth is printed on both sides with spectacular and vivid color reproduction which will not fade.

Soak your Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloth in water and wear it around your neck to stay cool!

Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloth

Handy Map Micro Fiber ClothOur X Fiber is 1/100th the diameter of a human hair.  This ultra small cloth diameter allows the Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloth to attract dust and dirt like a magnet.  Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloths will hold seven times their weight in water and work great soaked in cold water and worn around the neck to keep yourself cool in hot weather.

Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloths are absolutely the most versatile micro fiber cloth ever created. Pets love our cloths.  Use one to clean your dog or cat, or adorn them with one as a bandana.

We guarantee your Handy Map Micro Fiber Cloth for life with proper care.


  • Spectacular double sided dye sublimation printing
  • Vivid colors
  • Super soft, feels like silk
  • World's finest micro fiber 
  • Cleans anything wet or dry
  • Will never leave a scratch
  • Can stuff in pocket or fold up to handkerchief size
  • Soak in water and wear around your  neck to stay cool
  • Guaranteed for life with proper care
  • Machine wash, hang dry

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